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We enhance your business success through our expertise in legal, accounting, labor, tax, and auditing areas

Some of our clients

Empowering the success of organizations, companies, and professionals through specialized consulting services


We take responsibility for all legal and administrative aspects


Outsourcing of personnel administration and labour relations

Tax Accounting

We ensure rigorous compliance with tax and accounting obligations


We offer comprehensive audits that go beyond a simple opinion

Expertise & Reports

Expert report and expert reporting service

Contact us and we will advise you

A team of professionals aligned with your objectives

With years of experience, our professionals are capable of understanding your needs and providing personalized and efficient solutions to help you achieve your goals.

At Audiconsulting, we assign you a dedicated professional who, in coordination with the rest of the team, provides comprehensive guidance.

Take your Business to new heights

Collaboration and constant communication

We invest time and effort in building a deep understanding of each client, grasping their unique needs and objectives. Subsequently, we craft a personalized action plan tailored specifically to address those needs.

Since 1984, we have been providing a comprehensive and personalized advisory service, addressing all aspects affecting your company. From our inception, we have remained committed to work standards rooted in quality and trust. Our specialized advice is designed to generate value for our clients.

Proudly building a satisfied and loyal customer base

They simplify our company's administrative and accounting processes, keep us informed about tax matters, and guide us in meeting our tax obligations

Human Systemic Development

Professional, well-prepared, approachable, and adaptable, Audiconsulting tailors its service to our specific needs and circumstances

Plump España, S.L.

Providing personalized, diligent, friendly, and immediate service across all departments—legal, tax, and labor

Gazechim Composites Iberica, S.A.

We value the seamless alignment of the legal, accounting, and labor departments— it significantly streamlines our workload

Tecnofobia Iniciativas, S.L.

A steadfast partner since the inception of our project, ensuring compliance with regulations and keeping us informed about our business's progress

Beyond Campus, S.L.

With over two decades of partnership, Audiconsulting exemplifies professionalism and dedication. Their involvement in projects sets a benchmark in the industry and defines the essence of customer experience in today's market. Thank you for your unwavering professionalism and honesty throughout our collaboration

The Knowmads Company, S.L.

Remarkable professional expertise, both technically and interpersonally, offering immediate solutions to the challenges presented to them

Licuid Lab, S.L.

Consulting firm with highly skilled professionals, both from a technical and human perspective, providing immediate solutions tailored to the business. High-quality services and excellent customer care

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, S.L.

The efficiency and sense of responsibility of Audiconsulting's professionals make them a leading company in the sector. In our 16 years of collaboration, they have been instrumental in our growth, providing valuable advice and efficiency to our business, benefiting both partners and employees

Retamares Gestión, S.L.

A fantastic team in accounting, tax, and fiscal matters. Professionals with a proactive approach to efficiently resolving any concerns. Their well-trained and up-to-date staff in various areas is truly commendable

My co-working

With over two decades of trust at both personal and business levels, Audiconsulting's multidisciplinary team has consistently demonstrated the experience needed to address any queries. Their unwavering commitment since day one is the aspect I value the most. They stay abreast of regulatory changes that may impact our business

Jural Promotores Publicitarios, S.L.

Contact with us

With over 40 years of experience advising companies, our team of lawyers, economists, and consultants will contact you and provide advice without any commitment.

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